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le 29/12/2015 à 19:06
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SIÈGE SOCIAL --- Richmond Road, Worthing, Royaume-Uni
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N otre société boîte de contact postale est
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EMAIL - [directserviceonlinefirm@ gmail.com]
le 02/12/2015 à 22:33
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I’m a miladiadtary wife of four years, my husadband was maradried to his first wife for 13 years and she will get half of his retireadment and she was getadting 1200.00 a month for their two kids. But since we got maradried he has when back o court and got joint cusadtody of the kids. So that stpoped the child supadport. I have since stop workading so that I can pick his two kids up and my baby girl up from school…oh did I meanadtion that I have 3 school to go before and after. They all could be going to the same school but his ex-wife dont want them to move and I can’t just move my kid to their school because of the school disadtrict. I have found out that he is still comadmuadniadcatading with his ex.…not just about the kids.…(hint). My queadsion is I’m thinkading about getadting a divorce but can I ask for alimony since I quit my job to help him with his 2a0kids
le 02/12/2015 à 21:29
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Being able to join a non-profit organization which pvediros loaning is kind of a challenge since they cater the less fortunate. But since financial planners are present to determine whether or not they should lend certain amount of people in certain lifestyles. Also, they would have to make sure if these loans are being cared for by the people who borrowed it.
Messages : 511 à 520
Page : 52
Nombre de messages : 627